Our Approach

    All too often, the accounting and financial tasks of a small business start small…you do the work, you get paid. But as your business grows, so does the complexity of your financial to-do lists. Soon, you find yourself spending far more time than you’d like pushing papers, instead of managing the business that you love. This is where we’d like to step in. Berryhill Consulting is an all-digital provider of accounting and consulting services. We leverage current technology packages such as QuickBooks Online and Microsoft SharePoint to streamline the conversion of your day-to-day business activities (and the resulting paperwork!) into timely, usable information.

    Meet the Team


    Managing Partner

    Holding a Bachelor of Science from Oklahoma State University in both Accounting and Marketing, and an MBA from Southeastern OSU, Lorenda has over 20 years of financial experience under her belt.

    She’s worked for enterprise level companies such as IBM, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, and Ascension Health in various roles, and has experience with accounting, report writing, financial analysis, VB and VBA coding, budgets and forecasts, and other data analytics projects.

    Lorenda is Certified in QB Desktop, QB Online, Online Advanced, Payroll, QB Time Xero, and more.


    Accountant Manager

    Holding Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees with concentrations in Accounting and Human Resources, Aleta has over 25 years of accounting and bookkeeping experience.

    Aleta manages the bulk of BHC’s recurring accounting activities, including, bank reconciliations, financial statement review, payroll processing, plus expense and revenue coding. Lorenda, quite frankly, could not survive without her.

    Also Quickbooks certified, Aleta is an excellent resource for coding, invoicing, and billing questions. She is the first point of contact for anything that needs to be kept track of.


    Technology Manager

    Jason graduated with an Electrical Engineering-Computer Option degree from Oklahoma State University in 2005. While he doesn’t touch the books directly, he’s a key player in making BHC successful.

    In addition to being a great coder in HTML, php, C#, Java, and SQL, he’s pretty handy developing mobile applications.

    He enjoys developing technology plans for small businesses, whether it’s guiding you through available “from the rack” software and platform choices to customized software development. He’s also well-versed in the QuickBooks Online API, and can help you build custom apps to integrate your business with your books.

    The CPAs, Industry Pros, and SMEs

    As a small shop, there is no way we can keep up with the constantly changing landscape of the modern accounting firm. While we make continuing education a priority, we regularly partner with other professionals who specialize in various accounting, finance, and technology matters, and reach out to them when we need help with something specific, or something more broad than we can handle on our own. Depending upon your specific needs, and the scope of our engagement, we may consult with these pros on smaller matters (at our cost), or, if your particular situation requires complex, ongoing expertise we might refer you to them for direct engagements. Below is a short list of our network.

    Marty McCutchen, CPA P.C.

    Based in Ft. Worth, Texas, Marty is our go-to tax provider for mid to large businesses in a variety of industries, Marty provides targeted tax and business consulting services, and is a certified Profit First professional. He offers customized business coaching and business consultation to help you maximize your business financial success.

    Milam and Associates, PLLC

    A fellow Tulsa firm, Milam and Associates handles tax consulting and tax preparation for clients in virtually all industries and sizes, as well as specializations in estate and trust tax matters. They’ve been known to offer free tax form review, so if you feel like you might have missed out on tax savings in previous years, they are the folks to talk to. Claude Roberts would be your contact.

    Straxis Technology

    Straxis is our go-to partner for IT and technology solutions, including mobile applications. A leader in the mobile and web application development space, they help us out on complex web design requirements, as well as general IT solution development. They have offices here in Tulsa as well as internationally.

    Centrosome Inc

    When our technology support needs a healthy dose of accounting knowledge, Kevin and his team at Centrosome Inc are there. While they too provide bookkeeping services, their value to BHC is their training in multiple accounting software platforms. While we have no issues providing QuickBooks and Xero software support, when we need specialized help for other accounting platforms such as Wave, Freshbooks, and more, Centrosome is who we call.

    Mary Karen Meredith, Financial Planner

    If you need someone to take a look at your ENTIRE financial picture – business, personal, retirement, insurance, savings goals, and more, MK is my recommendation. She not only specializes in “all-inclusive” financial security planning, she’s lived it. A breast-cancer survivor, Mary Karen can walk you through any number of mind-boggling finance related things, and make it actually understandable.