financials cleanup

    Keeping your books up to date isn’t always your top priority. Business owners like yourself are typically being pulled in a multitude of directions, and sometimes, accounting takes a backseat to making your customers, vendors, and employees happy. Let BHC perform a cleanup review before tax season!

    Tax season here, and you’re dreading the astronomical fees your CPA will charge you to get your books in shape to file your returns? Do your financials look “weird” and you can’t figure out what the problem is? Or do you just want a second set of eyes to make sure your financial statements present an accurate picture of your company’s health? We’d love to help you cleanup your books!

    Our Financial Review Services * include:

    • Coding and Reconciliation of all Bank and Credit Card Accounts for the periods you request
    • Review of Note Payable/Loan amortizations and deductible interest expense
    • Analysis of large purchases for potential depreciation deductions
    • Undeposited Funds account clean-up
    • Review of financial statements for accurate representation and potential tax savings
    • Analysis on the health of your business bench-marked against similar companies
    • A full set of Year End Financial Statements, including a profit and loss statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement
    • Recommendations on how you can use QuickBooks (or other third party apps) to streamline your monthly accounting processes.
    • An informed quote for tax preparation and filing fees

    The below form can be used as a tool to estimate our rates for your company’s unique situation. Please be aware that we’ll always provide a formal quote to you after a free consultation.

    *For further details or explanations of our services, click here: