Let Berryhill Consulting do the heavy lifting in your office, freeing you up for doing what you do best…running your business. Best of all, we provide this at a fraction of the cost of a part or full-time employee. We offer all-inclusive, outsourced accounting and bookkeping services for one low monthly fee. Each month, we’ll make sure your books are 100% up to date*, and provide you with a full set of reviewed financial statements.

Financial Accounts - Coding and Reconciliation

Financial Statements

Sales/Use Tax Filing

Payroll (per employee fee applies)

Fixed Asset Management

Real Time Financials 

Client Hub Portal Membership

Secure File Storage

Accounts Receivable Management 

Accounts Payable Management 

Discussion and Analysis

QuickBooks Training/Consultation


Paperless Expense and Receipt Processing 

Class/Department/Location Tracking 

Subledger Maintenance 

App Integrations 

Accrual Basis Accounting 

1099-Misc, 1099-NEC Monitoring

AR Monitoring and Bad Debt Expense Reduction

KPI and metrics Monitoring 

Industry Benchmarking 

Quarterly Income Tax Estimates 

Intercompany Transactions

Multi-Entity Consolidations

Additional Financial Accounts 

One Time Onboarding Fee 



Per Month

Up to 5

Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss, Cash Flow

1 per month

Filing Only

Up to 5 Assets


$25 Per Account

$150, Waived if Onboarding is Completed within 30 Days

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Per Month

Up to 10

Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss, Cash Flow, 3 Custom Reports

Up to 3 per Month

Up to 25 Employees 

Up to 25 Assets


Written, provided with Financial Statements

Up to 3 hours per month

$25 Per Account

$150, Waived if Onboarding is Completed within 30 Days


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Unlimited Reporting





Telecom/Video Review Monthly

Up to 5 hours per month

N/A (Unlimited)

$150, Waived if Onboarding is Completed within 60 Days


If you stay with us for at least six months on a Monthly Bookkeeping package, you get up to 12 months of cleanup/catchup/tax prep on previous period data absolutely free! That means, if you sign up for us to handle your accounting and bookkeeping for 2021, we’ll take care of making your 2020 books ready for income tax filing absolutely free!**

*Based on the information provided to us **While the tax prep service is included when you sign up for a monthly accounting plan, additional fees apply for preparing and filing your tax forms.

Terms and Definitions

Financial Accounts – Coding and Reconciliation: We define a financial account as any Checking, Savings, Investment, Money Market, Credit Card, Note Payable, Loan Payable, Line of Credit, Mortgage Payable, or Long-Term Capitalized lease. Multiple credit cards billed on the same statement count as a single account. Additional fees may apply for accounts exceeding 100 transactions per month, containing multiple manual checks, or unable to connect to your accounting software. Additional accounts can be added to any tier for $25 each.

Financial Statements: The three main financial statements are the Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss, and Cash Flow. Balance Sheets display what a company owns and owes, as well as investments or distributions to shareholders. The Profit and Loss Statement (sometimes referred to as an Income Statement) details revenues and expenses incurred by the company over a selected period of time. The Cash Flow statement details a company’s sources and uses of cash. BHC can also create custom reports for management use, such as a trended Income Statement, P&L by Department/Vendor/Customer, Project Tracking, Activity Reports, and more.

Sales/Use Tax Filing: Many states, including the state of Oklahoma, require businesses to collect and remit taxes on each sale that they make. In addition, tax rates can vary between localities, counties, states, or shipping locations. BHC will calculate taxes owed, exemptions the company is entitled to, file the appropriate forms with the state, and schedule payment of these taxes. Additional filings can be purchased for an add-on price of $20 per form from any tier.

Payroll: If payroll is being performed through a third-party provider (ADP, Paychex, etc), BHC will record these expenses on the financial statements using third party reports. If BHC is filing or performing payroll duties, the client is responsible for providing appropriate hours/hourly rates in a timely manner. For BHC processed payroll, there is $4/employee fee. BHC Payroll services include required regulatory filing on a monthly, quarterly, or annual schedule as required. Additional fees apply for back-filing prior period/delinquent returns will apply.

Fixed Asset Management: For large purchases of buildings, equipment, vehicles, or real estate, accounting rules specify the reporting of these items as fixed assets. Instead of incurring the cost of these items all at once (and reducing the company’s net income), fixed assets are placed on the balance sheet and depreciated over the life of the asset. BHC will monitor your financial activity for large purchases, and reclassify fixed asset purchases while appropriately depreciating. Unless specified, BHC depreciated assets on a tax basis for easy end of year tax filing.

Real Time Financials: This option lets you know how often we guarantee your books are updated, as well as the lead time for seeing the results of any new information you’ve provided us to be reflected in your books.

Client Hub Portal Membership: Provided to all BHC clients, Client Hub is a secure, cutting-edge collaboration tool that allows for a “one-stop-shop” for all of your accounting needs. Eliminating the need for email and text communication, you can chat with your accountant, schedule meetings, create requests, share files, access your banks, apps, and training videos – all in one place. No need to pay monthly fees for secure file storage (Dropbox), task managers (Avana, Monday.com), or meeting scheduling (Calendly). Client Hub is customized for each of our clients and is the primary means of communication between accountant and client.

Secure File Storage: Through Client Hub, share files securely with your entire accounting team with a click of a button. No more misrouted emails, expensive file-storage subscriptions, or external memory sticks, CDs, etc. All data shared via Client Hub is hosted in US-based data centers, certified under ISO and SOC compliance standards, and encrypted with 236-bit encryption.

Accounts Receivable Management: Let BHC help you create and send invoices to your clients, apply payments when they are received from your clients, and send reminders to your clients for overdue balances. During our free consultation, we’ll talk to you about how your business works, and create a customized process to ensure you’re getting paid for the work your performing for your customers.

Accounts Payable Management: Simply ask your vendors to add us to their billing distribution, or give us access to an existing AP mailbox, and BHC will monitor and record bills as they are received, giving you a better forecast of future cash spend, and a clearer picture of your company’s outstanding liabilities. We also offer bill pay and manual check runs for an additional fee.

Discussion and Analysis: So you have financial statements. But what do they MEAN? Are there any problem areas you should keep an eye on, or potential pitfalls to avoid? In addition to our accuracy review, BHC accountants will review your financial statements, and provide insights to help you manage your business effectively.

QuickBooks Training/Consultation: Need to do something specific in QBO, but don’t know how? Are you encountering an errors in your QuickBooks file? Do you have new employees that might need a bit of additional help in navigating your accounting system? Let us help you by scheduling a one-on-one training session.

Budgeting: For those who need a longer-term plan in place to measure performance, BHC can help you develop and enter a budget into your accounting software, allowing you to compare actual performance to budgeted progress. For those not on QB Online Plus or higher plans, additional fees may apply.

Paperless Expense and Receipt Processing: Did you know? In the event of an audit, the IRS expects you to have more than just a bank statement to prove a business expense. Make this easy on yourself, and let BHC track and organize these documents for you. With the use of your phone, Client Hub, and email records, BHC will catalogue and file your receipts electronically for easy access later.

Class/Department/Location Tracking: If you have different stores, real estate addresses, funds, or company departments, BHC can help you track the revenues and expenses of these segments separately, so you can compare profitability by categories useful to you. During our free consultation, we’ll talk to you about what these categories might look like, and develop a plan to appropriately identify and record your business activity to the appropriate segments.

Subledger Maintenance: Your balance sheet may show a single accounts receivable number, but you know that balance consists of several different customers and invoices. Or maybe you have external membership, subscription, or rental software to manage your billing. Let BHC make sure your financial statements stay in sync with these software packages.

App Integrations: Use Harvest to track your team’s hours and projects? Need to track inventory with more detail than QBO can provide? Need to bulk-import data into your financial system? BHC can help you navigate the available applications integrating with QBO, and make sure they are set up to ensure seamless results.

Accrual Basis Accounting: While QuickBooks does offer some accrual accounting features such as AR and AP, other accrual accounting for revenue, prepaids, and expenses is not yet available. So if you need GAAP financial statements for an audit, you’ll need some processes in place to appropriately manage accruals and timing adjustments. Depending on your needs, BHC will make appropriate adjustments within your QB/QBO file, or provide you with GAAP adjusted financials outside of the system.

1099-MISC/1099-NEC Monitoring: The IRS and most states require annual reporting of amounts paid to non-employed workers providing certain services to your company. BHC will track payments you make to vendors, and notify you when a vendor reaches thresholds requiring a 1099 filing. We’ll collect and file the vendor’s W-9.

AR Monitoring and Bad Debt Expense Reduction: We will keep an eye on your AR aging, send statements to customers, and work with you on ways to collect outstanding Receivables in a timely manner.

KPI Metrics Monitoring: An abbreviation for Key Performance Indicator, we’ll work with you to identify the main drivers of revenue and expense for your company, and monitor these drivers to help you fine-tune the things making or saving you money.

Industry Benchmarking: If you’ve ever wondered how your business is performing compared with similar businesses, we can help. With years of experience in the financial arena, we can help you compare your company results to others in the same industry, and help you locate areas of improvement (or high fives!)

Quarterly Income Tax Estimates: Don’t be surprised by your end of year income tax bill. Let us monitor your business and personal earnings, and provide you with an estimate of your tax liability, so you can make plans about your spending.

Intercompany Transactions: If you have more than one business entity, and they share services such as employees, capital, or office space, BHC can help you record transfers between these companies correctly and timely for accurate statements.

Multi-Entity Consolidations: If you have multiple businesses with separate financial systems, but you need to consolidate their financials for an audit, or for lending, we can help you appropriately combine these statements to present an accurate picture of your organization’s financial health.